The kitchen is an important part of every home because it’s the place where people spend their time.  Think about the last time you were there.  You cook, meal prep, eat, spend time with your family, and even host guests and socialize in the kitchen.  We want to ensure this common area remains the place that makes a house a home.  Below are 4 tips to remodel your kitchen.

Choose a Kitchen Layout

Surprisingly, choosing a layout for your kitchen is one of the most difficult things to do prior to remodeling.  The amount of options available to remodel your kitchen can be overwhelming.  Start with observation.  Any time you walk into someone’s home, take note of the kitchen’s design and what aspects you like.  Not everything will be appealing to you, but there may be some elements you’d like to use for your own kitchen.  We also recommend watching some TV to gather ideas.  Shows like Flip or Flop, First Time Addict, and almost everything on HGTV deals with home remodeling, so the kitchen renovations are often a focal point.  As you collect ideas, write down a list of the elements you’d like to have and rank them in order of importance.

Pick the Right Island

The island is a key piece of the kitchen design.  There are many different kitchen islands to choose from: portable, table, standing, and fully functional.  Portable islands have wheels, allowing them to move.  This is a less expensive option and gives you maximum flexibility with space, if you need it.  Using a table creates a less formal design, allowing people to sit close to where the food is prepared.  Standing islands are the most common.  These islands are planted in one place and do not move.  They’re typically used for storage of cooking elements, pots, and pans.  If you choose this type, you’ll also need to choose a counter-top; limestone, granite, and slate are all great options.  The last kind of island is fully functional.  This island has one more heating elements, such as a built in stove or top-side burners.  Choose a fully functional island if you plan on cooking often or in bulk.

Search for Recommended Contractors

Once you’ve got a healthy list of kitchen designs elements and your ideal island, look for a local contractor that you can trust.  If kitchen remodeling companies or contractors have done this type of work before, they’re sure to have a previous client or two who would recommend them.  Use sites like Angie’s List, Houzz, Yelp, or even a quick Google search to find a local remodeler.  Be sure to check their business rating and read through the reviews to get a feel for their level of experience and quality of their work.  If you know homeowners in the local area, ask them if they have someone they can recommend.  You want to hire a kitchen remodeler with some form of 3rd party validation, to avoid major problems down the road.

Ask for Sample Kitchen Design Layouts & Get Quotes

Once you’ve identified some potential kitchen remodeling companies to work with, contact each of them.  Ask for samples of their kitchen design work and a potential layout for your home, based on the list of elements you made.  If you’ve done a good job identifying trusted contractors, the range of pricing for your ideal kitchen should be relatively small.  Then, it comes down to a gut decision.  After speaking with the various contractors, which do you believe best understands your needs?  That person is the one to go with because they’ll work with you to help you create something enviable.

Do you have more tips to remodel your kitchen?  Let us know by commenting below.

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