Professional dry wall contractors make each project look ridiculously easy, doing everything quickly and efficiently, but it’s not quite as easy as it looks. Below are the steps to flawless drywall installation:

Step 1 – Mix the Drywall Mud

Drywall mud has to be perfectly smooth before it’s installed. Instead of trying to mix it by hand, use a professional mixer or a power tool to stir it until all the lumps are gone. If you don’t feel like starting from scratch, you can go to any local hardware store, such as Home Depot, and buy a barrel of premixed drywall mud.

Step 2 – Fill Large Joint Gaps with Putty

Before taping the drywall, fill all wide joint gaps with putty. Insert the putty, push it in all the way so it fills all the openings, then clean off any extra putty to smooth out the top layer. After wiping away the putty, let the joints dry for a full day before attempting further steps.

Step 3Add the Drywall Tape

Start with the vertical lines and tape downward in thin strips. You can use a ruler to keep the tape in a straight path so it doesn’t overlap. Afterwards, start the horizontal lines. Don’t allow any of the tape to double up because it may leave bumps.

Step 4 – Apply a Thin Coat of Mud

Next, apply a thin coat of drywall mud. If it’s too thick, it will be very difficult to make it even. Apply one coat, let it dry, then apply a second. Apply at least 4 coats. On the last coating, feather the edge where it meets the wall to ensure that the overall appearance is one continuous unit.

Step 5 – Cover the House

Once the coatings of drywall mud have dried, it’s time to cover up everything prior to sanding. Cover all of the furniture, floors, and anything else that can be damaged with plastic. There’s nothing worse than drywall dust flying everywhere when it’s being sanded.

Step 6 – Sand the Drywall

After you’ve covered the room with plastic, begin sanding. Move slowly and use fine sand paper to ensure you don’t overdo it. Every few minutes, take a step back and look at the wall as a whole to analyze the work.

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